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“Life is a journey consisting set of projects. Finding the right scopes of those projects at the right time aligned with your signature strengths and desires do test your wisdom whilst ability to enjoy your life projects persistently even at difficult times too, will prove your passion!

Ranil Sugathadasa

About Dr. Ranil Sugathadasa

Coached and trained over 500,000 leaders, professionals, managers, employees in 400 plus originations.

Motivation & Mindset Mastery Expert,

Leadership & Management Trainer, Transformational Coach

Adviser and Coach to CEOs and Corporate Boards

Behavioral Scientist and Human Performance Engineer who research and publish practical topics related to human and team performance

20 plus years of industry experience as a chartered engineer, senior commercial manager, project management professional , management consultant, entrepreneur, coach and trainer locally and overseas

Learnt leadership, psychology and management from world’s leading universities as well as from world’s No 1. coaches

Fonder TheMotivator (Pvt) Ltd, CofeeWithRanil and few more ventures

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa

Our Team

  • The Motivator team consists of 20 plus trainers & coaches   out of which
  • We have industry experts  from every  sector
  • Seven (7) practicing and early retired CEOs working part time with us as they are truly passionate about transformation and people development
  • Ten (10) HR Experts,  Head of HRs/ Director HR working part time with us in non conflicting industries
  • Three (3), ICF qualified coaches  & Five (5) PhD qualified trainers
  • Three (3) NLP trainers  & Fifteen (15) MBA/ MSc qualified  trainers
  • Five (5) Psychologists and counselors & four (4) OBT trainers with ex-military backgrounds

What is unique with us

  • Thoroughness in training need identification.  Innovative and practical methods in precise understanding of the expectations.
  • Practicality and simplicity of the concepts to apply in the current organizational context.

  • Trainers  with super high energy, fun in approach,  transformational power with analytical and creative approach.

  • Methods to sustain the learning. Practical approach for daily and weekly self/team review and transformation.

  • Focus on peer learning, teamwork and continuous improvement. Innovative and practical methods to institutionalize the learning.

  • Whilst world’s latest knowledge and techniques are  used, we will customize the training and coaching to your business needs, KPIs,  company culture and value system. 

  • Guaranteed  massive ROI. We have measurement  techniques of direct and indirect impacts of the training and coaching. This includes direct financial benefits as well as indirect  benefits. 

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